A Groundbreaking Approach to Asthma & Allergy

Aeris Biotech is leading a $5B+ global market with a first-of-its-kind natural treatment to control a key cause of asthma and other allergies - the dangerous allergens created by millions of dust mites in our homes.

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Dust Mites Are Everywhere

Dust mites are a leading cause of asthma and a range of other allergic diseases. The problem? They’re everywhere - beds, pillows, and carpets - producing feces that contain dangerous allergens right where we live, sleep, and breathe. To make matters worse, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of.  Dust mite allergens are a key cause of:

Dust Mites / Mattress
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  • Includes respiratory allergies, sinusitis, skin allergies, and conjunctivitis
  • Billions of people suffer from allergies, worldwide
  • Respiratory allergies affect around a quarter of the population
  • Allergies cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year
  • Allergens produced by dust mites are a key cause
  • Asthma affects over 300M people globally
  • 400,000+ people die from asthma each year
  • Potentially deadly asthma attacks occur every 2 seconds in the US
  • Asthma-related costs exceed $100B/year in the US and Europe
  • Allergens produced by dust mites are a key cause
How We Work Out The Bugs

The Kit

Aeris Biotech is developing an in-home treatment kit that will contain natural agents that specifically target dust mite populations, even in hard-to-reach areas. The Aeris product will have two formulations, including a granular form for carpet treatment and a more finely ground powder for injection into upholstery and mattresses.

Competitive Advantage

Aeris Biotech's proprietary asthma and allergy approach is genuinely the first of its kind in dust mite control. There is currently no commercially-available product on the market that targets the dust mites themselves.

Traditional Approach

Mainstream dust mite controls can be expensive, ineffective, and even hazardous. Common methods like bedding shields, air filters, or chemical pesticides can cost thousands every year and, because they only work where applied, simply don’t do the job.

The Aeris Approach

Biological control is based on the simple principle that all organisms have natural enemies that control their population. Our in-home treatment kits will release natural agents that spread from the initial treatment point and reduce dust mite populations thoroughly, specifically, and safely. 

Learn more about this new, safe, all-natural asthma & allergy approach.

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Patent-Protection Over Major Markets Until 2036

With broad patent-protection already in place in the US, UK, EU, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia, Aeris Biotech will maintain control over our entire process in these major markets until 2036. Additional filings are planned.

Dr. Harper’s Story

Dr. David Harper, a high-profile and expert virologist and microbiologist with 25 years of experience in biological control, was inspired to develop an environmentally-friendly dust mite solution due to his wife’s chronic asthma. During one of her asthma attacks, he had the idea of using a natural control – and that led to the Aeris solution.

Given his understanding of the role that dust mites play in allergies, Dr. Harper asked himself why this issue hadn’t been solved yet. That's when he decided to apply his unique background in virology and microbiology to developing an equally unique approach to dust mite control.
“Why hasn’t the dust mite problem been solved yet?”

The Process

The user applies an Aeris Biotech treatment kit to carpets, bedding, and furniture.
Natural agents spread throughout the affected environment.
Dust mites are targeted by the agents, reducing their numbers to safer levels.
When dust mites are reduced, agents naturally dissipate and the process is complete.
The kit can be refilled at need for repeated uses, minimizing packaging.


Mature market

Global Dust Mite Control Market

Our Plan For Fast Expansion

  • Retail sales with the option of a subscription
  • Grow into commercial markets, travel kits, etc
  • Build on technology to include new products
  • Secure commercial partners to optimize path to market

Learn More About This Innovative Approach to Asthma and Allergy Relief


Since biological control is completely natural with minimal environmental impact, it is considered eco-friendly and has the potential for organic certification. 


Biological control is the fastest growing approach in agriculture but has not expanded to home and indoor use. Aeris expands this technology to the high-need, high-value human health markets


The indoor use kit will be both user-friendly and highly effective. Unlike conventional products, our agents will spread naturally over the affected area and will exert widespread, stable, and long-lasting control from limited applications. Agents can reach challenging areas that accumulate large amounts of dust, like under floorboards, and also have the ability to adapt to pest resistance.

Learn more about this safe, all-natural asthma & allergy control.

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Company Highlights

Aeris Biotech harnesses the power of biological control to create a safe, affordable, and convenient in-home application kit that reduces dust mites, stopping the production of their harmful allergens.


Technology has broad patent-protection in key markets.


Expand from residential into untapped, high-volume commercial markets.


Eco-friendly, natural agents are used, no harmful chemical pesticides.


$5B+ predicted size of mature residential markets alone.
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The Team

Dr. David R. Harper,

Chairman and cso
  • 25+ years’ biotechnology experience, built first company to an NYSE listing
  • Expert microbiologist with books, papers, and multiple awarded patents
  • Pioneering worker on biological control of the house dust mite

Aaron M. Gunn,

President and Ceo
  • 20+ years experience founding and growing companies
  • Active investor in multiple private companies in tech and banking sectors
  • Extensive experience in managing business operations

Edward C. Cappabianca,

  • 20+ years’ experience advising and raising capital
  • Highly experienced investment banker, guiding progress to public listing
  • Broad experience as biotechnology C-grade officer

Steven Portnoy,

Corporate Legal Counsel
  • Corporate business attorney with 35+ years of experience
  • Represented numerous multi-billion dollar corporations
  • Experience operating and president of various successful businesses

Learn more about this new, safe, all-natural asthma & allergy approach.

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